Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making Veils

Lately I have been exploring new ways of making silk belly dance veils. I buy the veils already made, and then I spray paint them in my bath tub. I also dip dye them on my stove. I created a pair of half circluar veils recently buy using a fork to make a spiral and securing the bundle witha rubber band. I then dipped the whole bundle into the dye bath for 15 minutes. This created a beautiful tie dye effect. I may add wooden dowls to these veils to make wings. I have used squirt bottles in the past also and I would like to explore this method more, especially so I can make a rainbow veil. I find my self daydreaming about colors I want to dye or paint all the time. For years I have sold veils to my students. I could definitely see myself making enough veils to sell on the web; I just don't know how profitable it would be.

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